Simon Forrester


Simon specialises in documentary, expedition and wildlife filming. He is an expert in Arctic filming, where he regularly works with cameraman Doug Allen, this extensive experience includes working on sea ice and icebergs, living out in extreme cold weather and dealing with polar bears.Simon's other expedition work has taken him across the globe. In Asia from the jungles of Thailand and the worlds largest cave in Vietnam to China, Tibet and Mt Everest. In the Americas he has worked in the Atacama desert, Death Valley the Amazon and Andes, his African expeditions include climbing Mt Killimanjaro, the Rift Valley savanah and the Red Sea, he has also worked extensively across Europe filming wildlife ranging from Orca and Basking Sharks to Fish Eagles, Beaver and Reindeer.In the UK Simon has worked on numerous high profile documentaries made by BBC Specialist Factual and BBC Religion as well as various Channel 4 series.Simon is the holder of a current US I visaThe lowest point of his professional career so far was throwing up over the celebrity chef Rick Stein but high points have included working on the Oscar short-listed documentary Blindsight and being told to f*** off by John Prescott.

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