Flamingo Films India


Fifteen years old Flamingo Films is based in New Delhi, India as a one point production facility provider. Mission of Flamingo films is on one hand to provide all the latest equipment in good condition to the film maker on other provide team which is not only skilled in its job but also keep up with professional ethics so that film maker can be at his/her creative best. At Flamingo films we provide all the Film and Television facilities from lighting, grip to camera, sound gear for any size or type of production. It takes pride in offering services and reliable equipment with no on-set worries. As a continually growing company, Flamingo Films is always acquiring, designing and fabricating new versatile gears. Essentially updating & keeping pace with changing times. Flamingo films has been associated with Bollywood, Hollywood and many other International Film makers. It is also associated with national and international production houses like BBC, NGC, CNN, SKYNEWS, NHK, UNHCR, ICON FILMS, ARTE, Wall to Wall Media, NDTV and many more. We are proud to add most of it has come through word of mouth. We take the responsibility of keeping our clients trust seriously.

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