Firecrest Productions Madeira.


AFFORDABLE, AVAILABLE & ACCESSIBLE. We assist your production process by : Fixer – As a local fixer Firecrest can arrange interviews, location permits, transport, hotels,meals and everything that an out of town crew needs to tell a story. We are sometimes referred to as a Local Producer.Firecrest knows film and we have the magic touch to get things done. Madeira has a lot to offer as a filming location thanks to the rich and diverse, cultural and heritage as well as a modern and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Built from a collective of individual talent with over 21 years of experience in location management & film festival curation. We fully understand that you need to engage with your target audience, that your target audience needs to respond and that response invariably leads to a purchase. We at Firecrest Productions will do our utmost to ensure this commercial flow is stimulated.

A recent production we worked on for Digital Kitchen which was aired on cruise ships arriving to Madeira.


Apt 506 Atlantic Gardens
Funchal, Madeira


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  • Location Scouts
  • Fixers
  • Location Management
  • Creative Agency
  • Fashion Photography
  • Photography
  • Commercials


365 Days a year. 24 / 7

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