Articles in Cameras and Photography

Aerial filming with the Military


There are occasions when film makers want to fly with military aircraft, either as transport to an area which is controlled by the armed forces or to film the aircraft itself.... Read full article

White Balance for digital cameras


How to adjust the white balance for a digital video camera... Read full article

Low Light Photography with Sony A7SII

by Lloyd Horgan on

Night and low light photography for an aviation shoot requires a camera that can react quickly to changing situations and cope with cramped interiors lit by multi function displays. Photographer Lloyd Horgan puts the Sony A7SII through its paces... Read full article

Filming with dangerous animals

by Austin Stevens on

Advice on filming and photographing dangerous animals. Austin Stevens discusses how to stay safe an apply effective techniques when filming venomous snakes and large mammals such as black bears.... Read full article

Timecode for GoPro Cameras


Paul Scurrell, CEO of Timecode Systems Ltd explains how Timecode can be used to synchronise multiple cameras including non timecode cameras such as GoPros or Action Cams. This saves a lot of time and money in the edit and allows freedom on the set.... Read full article

Six films in three days. How film producer Richard Guy shot a campaign for Landrover


The challenges of shooting six films in three days in the Lake District during December... Read full article

Green Screen Filming, Tracking Markers, Garbage Mattes

by Eric Huyton on

How to film and light for green screen or blue screen composited sequences including using garbage mattes and tracking markers... Read full article